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New CCNA – HSRP VRRP GLBP Common Questions.

Question 1

Which statement describes VRRP object tracking?

A. It monitors traffic flow and link utilization.
B. It ensures the best VRRP router is the virtual router master for the group.
C. It causes traffic to dynamically move to higher bandwidth links
D. It thwarts man-in-the-middle attacks.

Answer: B


Read more from link below.


Question 2

Which three statements about HSRP operation are true? (Choose three)

A. The virtual IP address and virtual MAC address are active on the HSRP Master router.
B. The HSRP default timers are a 3 second hello interval and a 10 second dead interval.
C. HSRP supports only clear-text authentication.
D. The HSRP virtual IP address must be on a different subnet than the routers’ interfaces on the same LAN.
E. The HSRP virtual IP address must be the same as one of the router’s interface addresses on the LAN.
F. HSRP supports up to 255 groups per interface, enabling an administrative form of load balancing.

Answer: A B F


For more information about HSRP operation, please read :


Question 3.

Which one of these is a valid HSRP Virtual Mac Address?

A. 0000.0C07.AC01
B. 0000.5E00.0110
C. 0007.B400.1203
D. 0000.C007.0201

Answer: A


 Read more: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/switches/datacenter/sw/5_x/nx-os/unicast/configuration/guide/l3_hsrp.html)

Question 4

Which protocol specified by RFC 2281 provides network redundancy for IP networks, ensuring that user traffic immediately and transparently recovers from first-hop failures in network edge devices or access circuits?



Answer: C


HSRP is a Cisco-proprietary protocol developed to allow several routers or multilayer network switches to appear as a single gateway IP address. This protocol is described in RFC 2281.

Question 5

In GLBP, which router will respond to client ARP requests?

A. The active virtual gateway will reply with one of four possible virtual MAC addresses.
B. All GLBP member routers will reply in round-robin fashion.
C. The active virtual gateway will reply with its own hardware MAC address.
D. The GLBP member routers will reply with one of four possible burned in hardware addresses.

Answer: A

Question 6

What are three benefits of GLBP? (Choose three)

A. GLBP supports up to eight virtual forwarders per GLBP group.
B. GLBP supports clear text and MD5 password authentication between GLBP group members.
C. GLBP is an open source standardized protocol that can be used with multiple vendors.
D. GLBP supports up to 1024 virtual routers.
E. GLBP can load share traffic across a maximum of four routers.

F. GLBP elects two AVGs and two standby AVGs for redundancy.

Answer: B D E

Question 7

In a GLBP network, who is responsible for the arp request?

C. Active Router
D. Standby Router

Answer: B

Question 8

Which of the following HSRP router states does an active router enter when it is preempted by a higher priority router?

A. active
B. speak
C. learn
D. listen
E. init
F. standby

Answer: B


Below is the list of HSRP States:

Initial:  This is the state at the start. This state indicates that HSRP does not run. This state is entered through a configuration change or when an interface first becomes available.
Learn: The router has not determined the virtual IP address and has not yet seen an authenticated hello message from the active router. In this state, the router still waits to hear from the active router.
Listen: The router knows the virtual IP address, but the router is neither the active router nor the standby router. It listens for hello messages from those routers.
Speak: The router sends periodic hello messages and actively participates in the election of the active and/or standby router. A router cannot enter Speak state unless the router has the virtual IP address.
The router is a candidate to become the next active router and sends periodic hello messages. With the exclusion of transient conditions, there is, at most, one router in the group in Standby state.
Active: The router is a candidate to become the next active router and sends periodic hello messages. With the exclusion of transient conditions, there is, at most, one router in the group in Standby state.
Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/ip/hot-standby-router-protocol-hsrp/10583-62.html#topic13


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