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Drag and Drop 4.

This is an Updated real CCNA exam question (June-2012). You might see a different IP addressing, Port allocation and Configurations.

As usual, take time to read through the question so as to clearly understand what Cisco want you to do.

Note: This drag and drop LAB are used for demonstration only; you might see different IP addressing and Port allocation in the real CCNA exam. But it all works the same way if you could just grasp the technique.


Refer to the exhibit. PC1 is sending packets to the FTP server. Consider the packets as they leave router RA interface Fa0/0 forwards router RB.

Drag the correct frame and packet address to their place in the
CCNA Drag and Drop 
Answer with Brief explanation:
Source MAC : 0000.0c93.9999        Source IP :

Destination MAC : 0000.0c89.3333   DestinationIP ;

PC1 sending data packets to FTP Server, PC1 will initially send broadcast ARP request to FTP Server, Router RA by default does not forward broadcast messages, RA will forward the message from PC1 with interface Fa0/0 MAC address and the PC1 IP address to the destination. This process is the same from the FTP server.

PC1 will receive the confirmation of the broadcast ARP request from the destination host or network via the router RA which in this case, in another subnet, before the message will be sent.

Mind you, this happens in seconds,


As a CCNA candidate, you need to use a telnet session often. What are two characteristics of Telnet?

Please choose two appropriate statements and drag the items to the proper locations.


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