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New CCNA Drag and Drop Question

Updated Nov. 2013
Drag the function on the left to the matching security appliance or application on the right. (Not all functions are used)
CCNA Drag and Drop Question 
1.  antispyware:  detects software designed to capture sensitive information and removes it from the computer
2.  antivirus:   prevents known malicious programs from being installed on workstations
3.  IDS:   identifies malicious network traffic and alerts network personnel
4.  firewall:  filters traffic based on source and destination IP address or traffic type

Drag the Frame Relay acronym on the left to match its definition on the right. (Not all acronyms are used)
CCNA Drag and Drop Question 
1. a router is this type of device: DTE
2. the most common type of virtual circuit: PVC
3. provides status messages between DTE and DCE devices: LMI
4. identifies the virtual connection between the DTE and the switch: DLCI

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